About me

My name is Sandrina Schmidinger. I am a German cart. Health Practitioner specializing in psychological scars.

My work is aimed at all women who break taboos and are leaders. Because I myself am a taboo breaker and leader at its finest.

Despite dyslexia and a lot of bullying, I have always stayed true to myself and have always said what others never dared to say.

I successfully ran the first menstrual podcast in German-speaking countries. I speak openly about sexuality and am a tantra masseuse myself.

I’ve always wanted to die. For me it was normal to sleep 15 hours a day because life made no sense to me.

Now, after 3 years, I have decided that I want to live and experience everything that life has to offer me.

Since then my life has changed 180 degrees.

I emigrated, spent many, many days as a vanlifer, indulged in everything that life put on my plate and pushed many women to make blatant transformations.

I am an old wise soul in the body of a sexy young woman.

Since my childhood (4 years to be exact) it was normal for me to listen to hip hop and to collect treasure chests with healing stones in my shoe box, to read cards, to deal with medicinal herbs and to perceive energies.

I just live my life the way I want and don’t call it spirituality.

I never had to discover meditation for myself. I already did that automatically.

In summary: I’m Pippi Longstocking with dreadlocks who prefers to hear Eminem. Had several near death experiences and now really wants to live. Can’t shut up and stand by my opinion. There is no subject we cannot talk about.

I have no negative prejudices and do not judge. I am a strong woman who can easily endure all life stories, no matter how intense they are. I work with them constructively, sensitively, holistically and always at eye level.

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